Monthly Archives: March 2012

Its a cold dreary day. HP visit was a drive thru only. I’m expecting a slow day at the store. Telling everyone else to stay home. I’ll handle it alone today.
I have a lot of paperwork to catch up on due to the last two days of riding I partook in. (did I use that word correctly?)

Yesterday was an hour and a half on the local MTB trails with the Superfly. Trails in remarkable shape for March. However, that changes with the 3\4th inch of rain that’s continuing to fall. But I was pretty happy with the ride. I was expecting worse having been off that bike since November. The Easton wheels performed perfectly and the bike worked great even tho I never touched it since last year.

Today’s big news is Treks release of the Domane.

Yeah, I have one already on order.

So today will be a rest day weather I want to or not. But almost 6 hours in the saddle in the last two days is pretty good for me. I really do feel better on the bike. And I feel like I’m now losing weight. Hope to keep that rolling. Saturday will be a short ride for me as I have to work, but Sunday is looking good so far.
I will concentrate on Sunday as the big ride day.
Have a good weekend.
Stay dry.


I guess you can say things are starting to get serious. Yesterday I grabbed the Madone as promised and proceeded to lay down a 4 plus hour ride. Over 2 and a half hours into the wind and about an hour and a half back. It was windy.

So windy the iPod was useless. Except on the way back. 
And…in fact… I headed west to hit a few hills and that is so unlike me. 
So add up the longest ride to date in 2012 and sprinkle in the most climbing in a long time and that adds up to one destroyed rider.
By all rights I should have been reaching for the ibuprofen but for some reason I didn’t.
I still feel it this morn but not as bad as I thought.

At least not bad enuf to keep me off the Superfly.

I’m going to grab the Fly today and head into the woods for its  first ride of the year. I did ride this bike a couple times last fall. But this will be the first on the carbon Easton wheels. Its going to be a recovery ride situation for sure. No big efforts but just a lovely hour spin in the woods to get reacquainted to my MTB.
I remember last spring and how terrible it was. I remember not being able to hit the woods and having to ride my MTB around the block a few times just to get some time on it on the Saturday before the first WORS race in early May. 
I still cant believe its only March.


Hell Froze Over.

I am not very good or lucky at gambling. A month ago I posted on how I sent my first entry into the Fat Tire 40 in many years. Yesterday I found that my check was cashed and Im in. First time back to that race since 2002.
1423   5:16:51.27   523   DITTRICH, DAN L    7.802 MPH 258   1587

1394   4:22:23.62   543   DITTRICH, DAN L    9.421 MPH 263 1542

Those results being my only two attempts at this race. As you can see, a personal best should not be hard to do. I remember the first year. Over 5 hours in the saddle. I was completely destroyed and swore I would never do it again. Until the next year anyway. I remember limping for a week after. I did send in my entry in 2003, 2004 and 2005. All denied.
So I stopped sending in. The race just so happens to fall on a weekend that there’s a popular century ride here in town so I always had something to do bike riding wise.
But this year I will be in Hayward, WI. Trying to complete the race in less than 4 hours 22 min. So there. I have a goal. A reason to try and get faster on the bike. Lose some weight.
The first year I did the race I had just started riding. I was not in any shape (obviously). I was (only) 41 years old then. I do think it would be kinda cool to come back at 52 years old and beat that time from 11 years ago.

So today hell froze over as the Fat Tire Gods voted to accept me. I ran out to buy a lottery ticket just in case things keep rolling in the respect. I’ll need the money so I can stop working and start training full time with this and the Iceman in my future.
Today is going to be a windy 3 plus hours on the Madone to start things off.

Bring it on.


814am. windy. loud.

Today’s HP visit was a loud one. Huge east wind had big waves. Its would have been hard to hold a conversation on the beach today.
Today I did some investigation.
In the last few weeks I have been noticing fox holes everywhere. New ones. Lots of them. In the past you would see one now and then but today I counted 15 new ones. And that’s just the ones I could see from the road. You would think it would be at least twice that then.

newer one
older one

Its not hard to imagine a fox or two out here, but these things are now to the point that you cant not notice. Maybe another animal doing this? The one on the right could have been done last nite. The sand is fresh. And its about 5 feet from the road.
I guess I’ll have to believe that 50 fox’s have stopped to hang out in my HP. I would not blame them. I would do the same.
With the windy\blustery day I will skip a ride and try to work ahead in the store to promote future rides. Maybe tomorrow. Its Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Ride nite.
We’ll see about that.