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Huge surge. 825am
21 pounds 6 oz. Easton wheels rock!
Huge east winds have the lake pushing up at least 30 yards from the high water line. The beach usually starts where that first wave is rolling. In fact as I was standing there a wave came in and made me move ever higher on the beach. While northern wisco is getting nailed with a ton of snow, we have just rain and thats ohkay by me. I notices the road were a lot cleaner having been washed all nite long.

The Superfly is ready. I was hoping for sub 23 pounds when attaching the Easton wheels but was pleasantly surprised at sub 22. 
Just looking at that thing makes we want to get out in the woods. Cant come soon enuf as far as I’m concerned. I’m planning (in my head) a big year on the MTB. Would like to spend a lot more time on it than is summers past.

Its Wednesday and I have done nothing in the way of training.  I hope to maybe get on the spin bike this afternoon as I have help coming in to relive me. Again long shot.
I’m shooting for every other day either on the bike or trainer or run.
I say good luck to me on that.


Big Light Wheels

Just got my hands on these. Easton’s 29er EC90 carbon. Rated at 1430 grams for the two. That’s not a misprint. That kind of weight savings on a 29 inch wheel is huge. Rotating weight on 29er wheels is very high. Its a big wheel. Just look at the length of those spokes. Pulling weight off the rim and tire has way more effect of doing the same thing on a 26 inch MTB or even a road wheel.
Ive been a big fan of Easton wheels for years. I have a two sets of EC90 tubbies ( one road and one track) that are the fastest wheelset I have ever rode. NOTE: I have yet to ride Bontragers D3’s. But hope to do so soon.

But I’m pumped to get my Superfly 100 all set up for the summer already. Its mentally tough to stare at these bikes all winter.  Hoping the trails will dry out early. If so, I’m ready. Will get some pics with the wheels on the bike. On top of the carbon, I mount light weight (tubed) tires tubeless with Stans. 
Makes for a very light wheelset. But comes with a ton of swearing to get them aired up. Cant wait to weight the thing.
Sub 23?

Had a longer than norm visit to the HP. Was going to go for a run but bailed due to low motivation. Once again looking at the death of the ski trail I just laid out Saturday. But, time heals all wounds and I’m not so sad to see it go. I’m so over this lack of winter.
Just had a crazy thought. 
Pack up and head over to Sea Otter to battle the west coast Clydesdales in April.
Now that would be off the hook.
And a long shot.


Last groom of the year. Saturday.
So with the snow on Friday I ditched the Saturday ride to grab the ski’s. Its just nuts that its only the second time in ski’s this winter for me. who would of thunk. I did not plan on grooming. Just figured someone would bust a trail for all to ski on. And someone did so off into the woods I went. After a couple miles in I realized that the four inches of snow ( the biggest snowfall to date this winter) had the trails in the best shape of the year (not saying much).  So I decided to grab the groomer and go.

I kinda knew that the tracks could be short lived but at the time the forecast was for a chance of a little more snow by the middle of the week so I took the chance.
The trails were good for exactly one day. 
Again, the high sun as melted most of it away as I checked it out on this mornings HP visit.  And I think that is going to be the end of my grooming for 2011\2012 winter. I groomed only twice this winter both times melting away the next day. So as Im sure it will snow again this spring, I will resist the urge to groom.

So with the warmer temps on Sunday four of us headed out of the store for a couple of hours in the saddle. Huge winds had many riders bail (shame). The winds were an “inconvenience” only half the ride. A huge headwind is only half bad as at some point you “flippit” and head back.

After a nice lunch at the halfway point we came back to 40mph tail winds. There was a point we all held 32mph+ for almost five minutes. Fun stuff. The sun came out and it was a very comfortable ride temp wise. So even tho the winds were off the hook, it sure beat the trainer or sitting on the couch.

Looks like mid week its going to be 45+ and rain now. We need that to wash off the roads so I can get the Madone out in March. All indicators are still pointing to a early spring.
Fingers crossed.



Winter has arrived. To late as far as Im concerned.  But I was pumped to get some new views in the HP. Took the pics when it was still snowing pretty good. The sun is out now and its really pretty in the park.  About 4 inches fell overnite. More than the weather dudes said. Unreal how bad wrong they have been lately. 3 to 6 was nothing, dusting to 1 inch turns out to be 4. I was going to run today but passed on that.
905am That ball is the sun.

So I took a good look at the ski trails and decided even tho it is skiable, not to groom. Its going to be 40+ on Sunday and no way could I set classic tracks that would not go right to the ground. I’ll check it again this aft but pretty sure Im going to pass….
Hopefully someone will make a pass and tracks will be set “manually”. I might try to get out on ski’s tomorrow.

The beach has been almost perfect for riding the last week. Every morning froze and smooth as glass. Roads were dry and clean. That is now gone.

Still deciding on riding in the morn. Depends how wet the roads are I guess. Riding the beach with 4 inches of heavy snow would not be a picnic on a cross bike with small block tires either.  And Im not switching back to winter mode for one ride. So I guess I’ll see whats up later today.
Again, would not mind a few trips around the HP on ski’s.

I was a little upset with the snow. Just makes things crappy to ride. But its hard to remember its only the end of February. This is going to happen for at least a month yet. Hope not. Was talking a day or so ago on how early the MTB trails are going to dry out. A full month ahead of last year for sure.
But its days like this that set it back.
I heard the robins are back. Other spring birds as well.
They are just as confused with this weather as I am.