DANO’s Modern Life!

Its hard to believe that a guy my size was a certified spin instructor. From 2004 until I opened the store in 2009 I did classes from Oct to May. Several a week. I got paid 13 bucks a class to do it. Back in 2008 I did 78 classes that winter. The pic above is the studio from 2008. Im sure its changed now.

I miss doing spin classes. You dont get quite the workout while teaching cuz you gatta talk but still. Over the winter that was quite a few calories burned that I dont burn anymore.

Its kinda weird that I did this because Im basically a shy person in crowds. In fact I avoid large crowds altogether. Thats why I dont spend a lot of time at Interbike. Too many people crammed in. No sir, I don’t like it.

But I felt comfortable in front of a spin group. All 250 pounds of me. I would like to think that it was my bigger size that maybe put some at ease as opposed to some skinny tri person trying to rip their legs off. But my forte’ was the music. I always matched cadence to the song. That made it a little more fun I think. And I was very good at putting a mix together. And I used everything I had. From Avril Lavigne to GunsNRoses and everything in between.

I hope to start up again someday. I always have toyed with doing something like this in the store but it would be tough to do financially. Maybe someday when Im independently wealthy.

But again, I really miss it.


2 thoughts on “DANO’s Modern Life!

  1. You could do it at the store…just have riders bring their own ride (and trainer). Could be pretty awesome. I will not ride outside in winter, so I too teach 3-4 classes a week during winter. It would be great to have a venue (your store) that attracts outdoor cyclists with the same goal. Think about it.

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