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Goodbye 2011

Im not a big fan of new years. To me, really, its another day. A few years back when I was a spin instructor I used to get a kick out of the people who flocked to the gym’s and fitness clubs in early January. Only to bail by the end of Feb.
Why do they think this only during this time? And then ditch it only to do it over a year later. Resolutions do not need a date to work. You can adopt a new resolution any time of year.
For me, my new years dont begin and end with the calender, but more with the seasons. My new season begins in spring. And ends sometime during winter.
But I too have changes coming. This year I was leaning on the cross scene and it was fun. Having some bike for demos and putting on the race was a blast. But next year (that starts sometime around April) Im going back off that a little (not entirely) and get deeper into touring. 
As in most of my endeavors, I start big and get disappointed from there. This year I am bringing in CoMotion. Ive been a dealer for a while but will get some of those bikes on the floor this year. Touring bikes. Touring tandems. Goona offer some touring workshops and maybe even some short tours of the area with overnite camping. Self sustaining touring. Big plans.
I have some experience in this with my tour of Wisco in 2008. This summer I took a 4 day mini tour (pic above). I think it way fun and this aspect of biking will be my focus of 2012.
So there is my big idea for the next year. Starting sometime this spring.
Bring it on.
So tonite I will not go out. In fact, I do look forward to this nite as I get to have the grandkids overnite and thats about the best way to spend new years eve ever!


Why I do this.

File foto. HP in July.
What does one write about when they have nothing to write about? Why do I keep this blog anyway? Facebook is so much faster and easier. I get way more responses on Facebook. I get my pics and anecdotes to hundreds instead of around 50 to 60. I do have a few loyal readers (not sure why) and I think thats cool. But really how many Pug rides do you want to hear about. They all are the same. Same bike, same route, same time of day.
So why? I have reasons. 
First, something almost nobody knows is that I enjoy writing. Im not good at it. But I enjoy it. I actually have a few very short storys. Not real good but fun to write. I did most of them in 2008 when I lived alone for awhile. So everyday when I write about the same bike ride I took the day before I try to change it up and make it sound like it was not.
Pug ride yesterday. So what else is new? 1130am
Then mostly, my pics. I enjoy taking pics and unlike my writing, am pretty good at it. My Father was a wildlife photographer later in his life and traveled to far away places to do it. I still have all his work. Back in the day the format was called “slides”. Its a small negative that could be used to reproduce or put in a viewer and shown on a big screen. I feel old having to explain them. I have hundreds of his slides. So I guess thats where I got it from. 
Today, in the age of digital, everyone can photoshop a great pic. The art of taking a pic at perfect light is gone. I know for a fact that if this was still the age of film only that I would be making a living with my photography. Damn technology!
I still have all the shutter cameras and lenses he (and I) used back in the day.
Today, all of my pics are taken with my camera (Samsung Mesmerize) or a cheap Walmart Sony. I always wanted to get a better digital but really, whats the sense? Those machines make crappy photographers good ones. I’ll stick to the crappy cameras and use my skill to get my pics.
So really, I do this blog thing for me. And if you want to read it, thats cool. If not, thats cool too. If nothing else, look at the pictures.
Its Friday and Im in the store all day.
Hopefully someone will stop in for a visit.
And then maybe I’ll write about it.


Its raining. On December 28th. Not snowing. Not sleeting or even a freezing rain. Just a straight up rain. How depressing is this.

What little snow we have will be gone by days end. Too wet to ride road. Beach too soft to ride. Not even sure what the woods looks like. Will try to ride when it stops raining.

Yesterday I put in a good road ride with James J. We both picked the same time to leave town and met going south. Which was pretty easy as the winds were huge and was going to be in our face on the way home. I was glad to have the wheel on the way back. He pulled way more than I. It was good to work a bit harder than I expected to.

 Todays bike of choice, if I do get a ride in, will be Pug. The Pug is now going thru some kind of transformation. Every day I walk in the store there seems to be another carbon part on it. So far just bars and seatpost. Not sure how this is happening and even if I could stop it Im not sure I want to.
If it gets out of hand I’ll do something but for now lets just see how far it go’s.
How long till a carbon frame fatbike?

Another beautiful spring day in Wisco. Another beautiful HP visit this morn. Once again my mind swings to todays bike ride. I was planning on the Pug today but the mild weather just might have me back on the road. 
Yesterdays ride was not as long as I had planned. It was one of those goof off rides. I stopped quite a bit and hung out at places. A majority of that time in my HP. It was one of those rides that I take to think about stuff. It was a two hour ride with less than 30 miles on it.
Its been since October that I even rode a road bike. And this was really Pinky disguised as one. I was kinda turned off by the harsh ride of the aluminum frame and 120 psi skinny tires. Im used to the LTH (long haul trucker) with the 26in wheels and rubber. Way smoother ride. So the LHT will be the bike of choice today. Yesterday I spent some time at my HP’s fishin’ hole. They just put that in last year. And of course I hung out on the beach for some time too. 
It was near 45 degrees but windy. Im pretty sure I could have rode with knee warmers but those are already in the basement waiting for spring (the real spring).
 As I prep for today’s ride Im thinking that I almost feel retired. While I am concerned about my personal finances, it kinda takes a backseat to my goofing off at times. While thats not the best thing to do it sure is fun. Money is nice but not my top priority. I also feel retired in the fact that all my rides are alone. Like Im out when everyone else is working. It feels weird at times. Sometimes all these solo ride do take a toll on me mentally. Just like that creepy friend that is way too clingy, you can also spend too much time with yourself. And on the flipside, you can spend not enough. I do my best to balance. Not always succeeding.
But I’ll have about 30 miles today to try.