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Pug Ride

Mukluk and Pug
So my extended weekend went pretty much as I expected. Spent Friday and Saturday on the couch. Just felt like crap. Really, when this hits me all I can do is sit indoors and wait. And I dont do well indoors and I have no patience for waiting. Sunday I woke a bit better so I called Steve D (who is nursing bad ribs) and we grabbed the fat bikes for a super slow ride. 
It was nice to get out of the house after 3 days of solitary confinement. And while I did not have the energy to ride with the group yet, I did feel good enuf to crush a guy with broken ribs.
It was a nice ride of beach and woods. I love riding the Pug. Its meant to be ridden slow. And I sure can accommodate that. 
Im confident that Im on my way out of this cold\flu thing and I should be ready to rumble in a few days. But for the rest of the afternoon its back on the couch.
And was happy to break up my couch time with some Pug time. I laid the bike down to take a pic and a huge wave starting dragging it out. I saved it from a sure drowning death.
And I would do it again if I had to.


Today is one of those days you hate to miss. A day after Thanksgiving and its going to be sunny and over 50 degrees. And Im on the inside, looking out.
Im just too sick to ride, feeling wrung out before I even start a ride spells disaster for me. For me, I need to bring my “A” game to these things or Im riding mostly alone. Let alone when Im sick.

Leaving the HP this morn I past the group I was planning to ride with, about 15 strong, and just felt more pissed off than anything. Of all the times to get sick why this weekend? Temp are to plummet in a few days and this could be the last of the sunny warm days. And Im on the outs.

Feeling sorry for myself is a past time of mine. I take it to new levels of which most have never seen before. And while I dont pout too much in public I do quite a bit. In my HP, for example. I pout there a lot and maybe thats why I go there so much, to get in out of my system before I start my day. But I dont do that everyday. Just more than I would want to.

So here I am once again at the store waiting to open it. Thinking I would rather be riding with the group. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

T- Day

Run for your life….

A rare Turkey day post. I had about an hour of spare time before I leave out of town to visit family so I thought I would spend it at the store.

And at the HP too. With the weather still fairly mild and the next two days looking especially good I was prepared to lay down some saddle time this holiday.  And I did get off to a good start yesterday as I took the MTB over to the kettles of New Fane.

Only I forgot that the annual Wisco deer hunt is on and the public is allowed to hunt on State land. While the trails were not closed, its not a good idea to ride then right now. But I made the drive over and decided to go. Shots ringing out in all directions. I literally rode past hunters that were sitting on the trail (not sure if thats legal) and I sure got some dirty looks as I rode by. But its still called a recreational area so they gatta expect that. They gatta share the land. I guess. There was one round of 5 or 6 shots that was less than 100 yards from me. Thats when I pulled the plug and got the hell out of there. Not the smartest thing I have done but not the dumbest either. I did get in almost 2 hours tho… totally worth it.

However my long weekend might be in jeopardy as I woke up today with one of my famous cold\flu thingies starting up. Running a fever and feeling really bad. If history proves I will be off the bike for a few days and that just might be the entire weekend. Bummer.

So had a great turkey day and get out side and ride, or run or whatever it is you do.


Breakfast Ride

Had a addition to our line of bikes when we got out….
Saturday was another B ride for me. This is a pure social ride. Im a social guy. While the tempo does kick up a few times the group does wait every so often. Right now cross bikes rule as its 80% road until the beach freezes. Then Im looking for bigger tires to hold me up. And yes, the Pug is overkill. One needs to be able to peloton at 20mph now and then on these rides…. The main component of this ride is the stop to eat about halfway thru. Im an oatmeal kinda guy. We stop at the same place every week as they expect us and have the tables ready when we arrive. We are stopping at a new place thats perfectly about 3\4 thru the ride.
Stopping in the cold, eating, then putting on all the wet, cold stuff to ride the rest of the way home is kinda a bummer but its totally worth it. I bring extra head gear and put the dry stuff on to head back.
All in all a 3.5 hour ride for me from the store. Complete with intervals.
Just what I need…..