This weekend I got Pinky out of the basement. This bike has been with me thru thick and thin and is one of the few bikes I own. As Fall comes to a close I start selling off all my demo bikes one by one. And when their all gone Pinky is waiting in the wings to carry me thru the winter. She gets abused. Our winter beach rides chew up the driveline so every year its something different. Last year it was one by nine. This year its one by 10. Upgrade to 105 shifters. And Dura ace cassette. Just happened to be stuff laying around.
Running Kenda small block for tires since our winter group rides are mostly road right now anyway.
Had a good weekend. Saturday had me out to the cross race in Milwaukee taking in the festivities but mostly watching and learning for my race this Sunday. Crazy how its only one week away. This upcoming week will have me putting time in for prep. This will consume me this week.
Sunday I blasted about an hour and a half in the woods on the Superfly. Nothing too fast as I was mostly scanning and planning the cross course with Steve D. Afterwards I hit the store for some paperwork but ended up grabbing the Cronus for a 30 mile road ride. That bike is close to sold so one more ride and Im now off it for good.
Today the HP visit was nice. Cool but sunny makes a great time out there. With me starting to work out of the store soon will limit my HP visits. So I savor everyone that I can get.
I still visit all winter of course. Below zero days no problem.
Today tho is sunny and almost 60 so its gonna be a nooner bike ride for me. On Pinky.
Little woods, little road, little (more)HP.

Wa da ya think?

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