Day Two in Books.

Day two is pretty much the reason I come up here. The numbers were 72 miles at 4 hours 40 min. Two days and Im already at almost 7 hours in the saddle. From the cabin in Sayner I headed south about 20 miles, then west and north to Eagle River, rode east a bit from there, then north again. When I ride solo I map my routes pretty good. And always leave a bail out route if I need to get back sooner depending on how I feel. I did plan on shooting for a solo 100 but as I turned east I encountered a headwind going west I did not expect so I blew off the last leg of the planned route and rolled in with the 72. And called it a good day on the bike.
I gatta say how happy I am with this road bike. And not just cuz I sell’em. Some Madones come with 3 headtube heights. I got the H3 which is the highest. That along with my vast schooling in bike fit has this 6.5 Madone the best fit bike I ever owned (rode). Just a pleasure to ride and after 4 and a half hours I was tired but still felt great. I am considering just buying it outright for myself. I think I could get a deal in it.
Today is going to be a rest day of sorts. Gonna hang at the cabin a bit longer, then grab the MTB to hit up some trails. Most likely will drive the car to said trails cuz the new location here has me not knowing were trails are.  The Razerback trails are right down the road but are pretty trashed with logging. I’ll find something else…
Im still OK with riding solo all week but I think in time will grow tired of it. The new surroundings still have my attention but I think my next long ride, on Wednesday, might have me starting to talk to myself a bit. Hope I dont get in an argument.
As I type I am sitting out on the dock having tethered my phone to my computer. Using my Android phone with a app called PDAnet. It works great and I am surprised how fast it is. 

Technology rules.


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