Monthly Archives: June 2011


Its been a long time since I had the track bike on the car rack. Two years. I have not documented my track bike much but I have had it for almost two years. I really should have sold it but just like to keep it around just in case.

I was a bit disappointed with the track last nite. As I mentioned before its been two years since I hung out there every other Tuesday or so.

What I saw last nite was less bikes and less spectators. Very sad. Spectator count was around 20 or so. The money I spent there last nite (around 600.00) was not wasted tho. Its going to the track association and I hope they use it for good. I truly hope that things get better there. I really do have fun riding is circles.

Right now I hope to do a few nites there late July or early Aug. I did lay down about 50 laps and got to pace with a bunch of riders just before race time and I am not ready. The peddling started to come back to me toward the end. Once I can get my body mass moving Im good. But forget about sprinting. Thats was not going to happen for me. Hopefully I can lose a few more pounds and join in soon.

Weight loss is going well now that its summer. Sunshine and riding always have a positive impact on me. I have a lunch date with the Madone today.
Next comes the Superfly. Its time to spend more time in the woods.

So many bikes. so little time. Good weather is upon us.
Ditch work and go outside.
Do it for real.


Long Haul Trucker/Track

One aspect of early Julys Secret Training Camp (STC) is a small but self supported bike tour of northern Wisco. Once again I will spend a few days bummin’ round the north woods on a bike.
And that means I gatta get going on my Long Haul Trucker. I picked this bike cuz it a 26in wheel and I had my old Fuel downstairs with pretty good stuff on it doing nothing. So I raped the Fuel for its wheels, BB and crank, brakes, rear derailer and headset and seat. The rest will be new. Using Kenda 100psi 1.5’s for tires.
Getting Surley front and rear racks. That means Im not using the Burley trailer this time and going full panniers. Im waiting on a few trinkets and parts to arrive but think it will be done by the weekend.
Today was a glorious sunny visit to the HP. But the stay was not long as I have a ton of stuff to do. Including a hour and a half drive down to the Kenosha track tonite. Its SBC nite and Im gonna be giving stuff away. Its all fun. I might leave a bit early and lay down a few laps but am not racing. Not ready for that. 
Here I am back in 2009. Finishing in the money. One of the highlites of my meager racing career. You could not slap the smile off my face.
Maybe end of July to make my triumphant return?

We’ll see about that.


The Right Decisions

Very rarely do I make right decisions but the decision to ditch the MTB Nationals was the right one for me last weekend. Between Saturday and Sunday I nearly hit 100 miles on the Madone. My biggest weekend this summer to date. Saturdays breakfast ride had me chasing over half of the ride. Sure, I needed to get pulled back in the group several times but I didn’t pull the plug until about 6 miles to go in a 50 miler. And that was just after finishing a 30mph run that I was clinging onto the back of.
Sunday was a 45 mile “recovery” ride. I got sunburned. It was glorious.
This last week was hectic with all the races and Im glad I didn’t try to hit all the ones I had planed to. I would have been way overextended. (see prior post about scheduling).
I do have one more thing to do…..
Tuesday the store is sponsoring a nite at the Kenosha track. I love\hate track racing. I love it cuz its tons of fun and sometimes the smartest guy wins, not the fastest.
I hate it cuz it really hurts. I remember crossing the line in the most pain I have every felt on a bike. Completely wasted, seeing stars and almost puking. How could you not have fun!
I had planned in racing a few nites by now but the crappy spring has put me behind a bit but do plan on hitting a couple in about 4 weeks. Just after my Secret Training Camp.
In two weeks I leave for Northern Wisco for 7 days of secret training. I already have my itinerary from my coach and will start prepping next week. More on that later.
Today is rest day. Get stuff done in the store day. Also on my plate today: Car repair. Seems the tranny might have puked on the SBCmobile. Seems fitting as its only got 2 months to go before its paid off. Its almost like it knows…….

Schedule (bad at)

Happy Place visit was welcomed today. Its been a few days plus needed to wind down from yesterdays race. Its a busy day for me. Setting up chairs and tents and getting things together. Helping with race setup in the morn.  Corner volunteer check in was in the store, and I had a raffle to give away a bike. Things like that add up during the day. Im running around all day long. I was wasted at 8pm. Still feel it this morn.
The day went well in most respects.  All day rain kept the crowds down. Not a monetary good day for the store. A lot of people walking thru. No buying. Store employees spend a ton of time watching races. Productivity at a all time low. But its expected so I look past it for one day.
As I crawl back in the store this morn the real work begins. The bathroom is trashed. About zillion people used the bathroom yesterday. And since nobody else will the store owner gets the glamorous job of  bathroom maintenance. I consider it one of the perks of owning.
Yesterdays race was going to be the start of a whirlwind for me. Get the road race done and start packing for The Subaru Cup at Mt Morris. Long story short I am not going to the MTB race. There was just no way I can be able to do so. So Im ditching the entire MTB weekend and just want to relax and ride this weekend. Its been a week since I saw then sun and its supposed to show its stubborn self the next few days so Im going to take advantage and get a little recharge going this weekend. I am extremely relived to have decided not to go to the MTB race today.
Another thing I considered was Saturdays Downer Ave race. I have not missed this race in 8 years now. I will be there. Fo Sho.
Have a good weekend, hope you (and I) get a bit sunburned.