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Another good week of Bicycle Riding………………

Was up early today. No real reason except maybe cuz I was in bed by 9pm. I don’t mind hitting the sheets sooner than later cuz all I miss is some stupid TV and in exchange, get up early and hit my HP with a lot more time on my hands.
A fair trade.
I did get informed of the Pugfest that went on here in my HP last weekend. I really had no idea. I hear it was on FB but I must not be friends with anyone involved. I got nothing.
Just a few hours earlier we had 12 bikes pelotoning down that beach at 20mph.
On much skinnier cross and MTB tires.
Moving on….
As I type this I now have 9.5 hours on the bike this week. My 10 hour goal will be smashed on my ride today. My legs are feeling so much better with every ride. Next week my goal is a bit lower due to the fact we are participating in Treks spring sale. Its gonna be all hands on deck next week but Im sure I can slip away for a few hours on the bike. I have road tires on the cross bike now but that will change when the woods are dry enuf to ride in, and by then the Madone will be on the road I hope. Roads look fairly clean and looks like rain in the forecast for Friday to wash them up a bit.

Its all going down according to plan……..


Back to HP \ Wildlife

Sunning on the dunes.
Todays morning HP visit had a lot in store. Saw these two guys warming on a sand dune. They are all over the place. 15 years ago we did not see a lot of them but as in the now resident eagles, have made a comeback to the area. I would say that is a good trend. About 10 are in the park now.

But those revelations pale in the sighting I had there this morn. I appears I have found the footprint of the elusive Pugsley. I know of no one who owns one locally. So this must me a migration of some sorts. Quite a rare find. I spent some time and looked for other signs of this rare appearance but to no avail.  It appears the rare Pugsley was here and gone.

This is the first sign of a Pugsley in this area and that only means they are venturing further south, as in the eagles.
I can remember to the day the first time a saw the eagles here. Now I cant wait until I see my first Pug.

Bring it on!


Christmas in Spring…….

For me?
To run a successful bike shop in winter you need to bring the inventory down. Way down. Even a slight miss calculation can be a disaster. I start this process in late July. I did pretty good this winter.
Our truck driver did not want his pic taken. We like him cuz he delivers the bikes!
Then… you hold off as long as you can to stock up…. and when its time you open the flood gates and let the cool bike stuff pour in. Thats whats been going on in the store of late. Everyday is Christmas this time of year.
And like all bike geeks I run to greet the UPS guy and hurry to open the boxes like a 5 year old. Then I run around the store yelling stuff to the others like “you see this?” or “look how much nicer this is this year” or “Im getting one of these”. Truly like a kid in a candy store. For real.
The others just look on and laugh.
Although there is a lot I want one has to show resistance. I fully understand I have to sell this stuff to pay my wages.
So I try to keep my pilfering of product to a minimum.
But as in any shop owning bike geek the budget does include the gathering of a few products.
Like these Bonty RXL road shoes.
White and gold.
They are now mine.
Got in another hour and a half on the bike yesterday. Feeling better with every ride.
Im up to 4.5 hours this week already and the temps are going to rise a little everyday.
While the weight is not coming off I am not too concerned as it should as soon as I get a few good weeks in and keep it rolling.

Will try to keep attitude positive.


The Bright Side……

Perfect beach!
Saturdays group seized the opportunity this cold snap has provided us and we pretty much had the best winter mode ride of the year. Last time we got in a beach ride was late November.
End of the line. Water too deep. Not sure what else was going on.
We rode the completely frozen beach for almost 15 miles before a huge water crossing stopped us. So we looked on the bright side of this cold weather on Saturday. You could not slap the smile off my face. Just strange how our best winter beach ride came just a few days before April.

Seems we had our resident Kenda pro Wall-E along today. He hit the ground twice. Carbon wheels and all.

So I gatta say Im glad its so damn cold out. At least on Saturday.
Now…. it can leave anytime.

Today its going to be about 35 degrees later this aft and thats good enuf for me to get on the bike. Its funny how I will ride in single digits with the group but that’s just too cold to do myself. Looks like every day is going to get a little bit warmer and that’s good new to me.
Two weeks ago I had a 10 hour week, then last week was zero. With the three I put in Saturday I hope to get close to that 10 hour mark again and ongoing.

It snowed a little too.

After all, I am a bike shop bum now.

Bring it on.