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It Really Was a Nice Ride….

I’d like to think my call to arms helped a little.
We had 8 bikes show up on a snowy Saturday group ride.
Thats about an 120% increase from last week.
And yes, it was slushy.
And yes, we got sprayed with salted snow as the cars zoomed past.
But it really was a nice ride.
For real.
It was my first 2+ hour ride of the year and I can feel it.
The additional riders brought up the speed quite a bit.
We tried the beach twice. No go.
I was dropped a few times.
Its been several months that I have been dropped due to the small groups.
I guess I better be careful, or I will get what I wish for as far as the rider count.
More bikes = faster rides.
Faster rides = suffering.
More suffering = faster Dano
Faster Dano = less suffering
I need a good kick in the ass on the bike more often.
Abuse me.
Bring it on.


Driving Me Nuts….

Its that time of year in any business. The time to take care of the business of business. I hate that. Its the worst part of owning a business. 
End of year.
End of year stuff is when you find out what you did right and what you did wrong. Its when you report everything to the government and hope it flies.

For the past 48 hours I have been doing nothing but staring at a computer screen and sleeping.

Sure, I could hire an accountant to do this in half the time but at $125.00 bucks an hour is a little pricey. Years past you needed these accountants to produce all your reports needed for the bank and assorted government agency’s but with the fancy accounting software nowadays all you need to do is make sure all the entry’s are where they as supposed to be and hit enter. Done.

Then you see how things are going. Of course I look at that stuff as the year progresses but its not the same as looking at final numbers. And use those numbers to project the next year.

If you think reading about it here is boring just think how I feel right about now.

Actually, I’m daydreaming about the Saturday morn breakfast ride right now…..

Bring it on. Have a good weekend.


Time to Ride!

Several years ago there was a time where I was living alone and was very bored. With all the downtime I had back then (sometimes I miss it, sometimes I dont) I made these stupid videos instead of just taking pics. I was not very good at it so it took me a long time to do. 
Here is one of those videos. Having deleted most of them I have 4 left. This one really shows our Saturday morn breakfast ride at its best. Lots of bikes, friends,fun.

Of late, this ride has been at its worst. The beach has been unridable since late December. Big snowfall, then rain, then below zero temps have made it bad. No open sand to ride on. All covered in ice formations.
That, along with the Holidays falling on Saturdays among other bike related things has put a dent in this ride. Last week and I think the week before it was single digits for temps. The ride is now less than a handfull of bikes. 3 or 4 per week.
This Saturday the temps are going to be in the 20’s come ride time. Its time for the group to come back. Its time for you guys and gals to renew your commitment to this 15 years and counting ride. Its time you get back on that bike you love and ride.

What? Your going skiing? You have 6.5 other days to ski. Saturday mornings are reserved for the bike and you know it.

Yeah…. Im talking to you. 

See you Saturday morn.



Friday morn  10am
My visits to my HP have slowed now that I dont have a company car. Its about 12 miles from my house. That, and the fact I cant stand my beater car I bought. Many times I try to talk my wife into using the car so I can have her Escape.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
Check out the steam coming off the water in the pic. It was about -3 degrees.
Saturday had three of us brave the 5 degree heat to ride about an hour and forty minutes. Seems as I get older, the group gets older and they are thinking the same thing I am and our tolerance to extreme weather riding is going down. But at least Im still good to go……
Several times I was thinking about pulling my camera out for a pic but it was too damn cold. I would have to pull a glove off to do it so that was out.
Saturday 945am
I did take a pic as we left the restaurant just for proof. It was 5 degrees when we left and 7 degrees when we returned to the store.

Im pretty sure I would not do another -8 ride again but at least Im still man enough to ride single digits. Which is more than I can say for most of the group.

Sunday 1030am

Sunday morn had us out on the ski trails of my HP. We had to start earlier than I wanted due to the football game. Kinda a big thing around here theses days. Some starting the party 3 hours before kickoff.

But not before I spent some time outside. My employee Ben and his lovely wife Liz (to whom I sold my first Project Madone) joined me. It was the first chance for me to ski my best groom yet. With the heat wave hitting close to 13 degrees when we were done only added to the experience. A good time was had by all.
As I type its noon on Sunday and I gatta get home to prep the couch for the game. 
Packers\bears in the NFC Championship is way bigger game than whatever the Superbowl will be.

If in fact the Packers make it to the Superbowl, Win or lose doesn’t matter cuz they beat the Bears to get there. But Im not the kind of guy to let a loss ruin my weekend. Win or lose they had a great season. And that statement coming from a stockholder.

But I hope for a Packers\Steelers Superbowl. 
Cuz that would be a great win for the Pack.
Go Packers…..
Kinda weird cuz by the time you read this it will be all over…..