Nice quiet time. Relax.
Still kinda pumped up about the eagles yesterday. But moving on. Sunday had be over to the City park (not to be confused with the State Park with my HP) scouting out ideas for the cross course next year. With the iPod blasting Pixies, then Kings of Leon, it took me no longer that 15 minutes to lay it out. For real. Preliminary talks with the WCA on Saturday had us thinking of a early December date. At first I didn’t like it. I was already thinking on the drive home from Milwaukee that I should go stand alone early in the season. Who wants to try and pound stakes in frozen ground? Really, at that point in the year I would rather be grooming ski trail that setting up a cross race.
But then after I thought more, those are obstacles that can be over come. If Team Sports can put on a national championship in early Jan in Madison, then I can surely do my race in early December in DANOville.
Game on. More on this as it unfolds.
Saturday nite after I got back from Halloween Cross I hit up the State Park to see the festivities. Every year the campers put on quite a show and its just another reason why I love that place.  

The park was packed and we walked thru two times to make sure we saw everything.
I usually am pretty busy with Halloween but this year that was it.
Strangely, I didn’t seem to mind.

Guess which bike is mine.

Then of course Saturday morn had me on another Breakfast Ride.
This time of year lets me ride the cross and that keeps me in the game. I even podiumed when we arrive that the restaurant. Bronze medal.
Really, its the bike thats keeping me alive here. Lots of carbon and tubular Easton wheels up against old steel MTB’s. 
I do suffer in the woods a bit running rigid. And the 80 pounds of air does not help me there either.
But once we hit the road its all me.

This will end once the beach freezes and we are able to skip the road altogether. Not sure what I will do then. Last year I used Pinkie but that bike is now a SS roadie, my choices are my XO1 or my 9 year old Fuel that needs a ton of repair. Most likely I will use the cross bike and put old wheels on it.

Tonite is the first Tuesday Nite ride. I will be on my Superfly. Report tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Dano:A Dec. date is sweet to help bridge the gap to Natz. Looks like Minn. Cycling Fed. is looking to do the same next year (at least according to a preliminary comment on their forum).Thanks!

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