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I Think its Tueday

Just a couple of things today. I think I will use bullets if you don’t mind.
Sad ski trail. Waiting.
  • My HP visits are way too short of late. The last week or so Im always running late to something. Work, store or whatever. Gatta slow down soon…..
  • I actually rode my bike(s) three out of the last four days. Like it!
  • Just bought “My Chemical Romance’s” new CD out just last Thursday. Like it!

Todays HP visit includes a bit of a walk thru on the impending ski trails. Signage is up and they are ready to go. As am I as the trail groomer is prepped!
Thinking how sad they looked today.
I feel their pain. Hope snow is on the way soon.

Tonite is another edition of the TNR (Tuesday nite ride) and Im gearing up to go. Last week I let a bad day get the best of me and skipped it. Conditions are no way as good tonite but I will strap on my lites with a smile on my face weather I want to or not. Superfly is still muddy from last weeks rides so that means its prepped. Lites have been on charge for two weeks so that means their prepped.

No excuses.
At least none that I can think of right now.


914am and moving.
Its been awhile. Well, awhile for me anyway. T-day went well. Nice MTB ride in the morn. 2 hours in the woods at 38 degrees and muddy. Then instead of the full blown 30 count family get together it was just us and the kids and grandkids. Very nice. And simple.

Black Friday went well. Doubled last years so I’m happy. For the most part, December dictates how a bike store handles Jan and Feb. So far so good. Need snow.
Saturdays breakfast ride was a short one for me as I had to work the store at 10am with all others out of town for the holidays. So it was only an hour and a half for me but had some of the best beach riding to date. I cant remember the last time the beach was this ride friendly this early.
Meeting at store at 8am
Hope this means winter is coming soon. I’m running to my bedroom window every morning like 10 year old kid wishing for snow. 19 degrees at ride time this morn kept the clothing choice a no brainer. Full on winter. I just got a new pair of PI Amfib tights to replace my 6 year old ones and I really like them. You can feel the improvements. Very warm and highly recommend them for all you winter riders.
And once again the weather dudes are calling for warmer temps for the next few days. Looks like Sunday just might be a cross bike ride. 
Maybe some miles involved with that one. We’ll see.

Miss n Out

I hate when this happens. I was in a bad mood after racing 80 mph home last nite and my stubbornness only hurt myself.
I made it back from Milwaukee about an hour before ride time was just too stressed out and crabby and bailed.

Bad decision by me as I already got the email that it was a epic ride with frozen beach and moonlite. The kind of conditions you get maybe every other year.

This working in Milwaukee is cramping my style. If I rode last nite I would not have gotten home till 9pm, in bed an hour later and up and out the house before light. I have not been in the store in three days. I am suffering here.
Alas I am reprieved Thursday and Friday and will spend the time riding and working the store. Bike ride Thurs, then black Friday in the store. Sellin’

Once again this turn of events at my day job has me pondering going full time at the store but the timing would be very bad. The Xmas season will come and go and the store will be in hibernation mode for two months. I could find something else to do to fill the gap those two months. Its not impossible.

I will give this two weeks to see how it plays out. Then have a long conversation with my employer. And make a decision based on what they see my role here will be ongoing. While I do like my day job if push came to shove and could not do both job and store the decision would not be hard to make. I like my store and have a lot of money invested in it.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday and Im sure I will be posting thruout. Get out and ride.


Late Post Tuesday

Sorry for the late posts. Im commutin’ back and forth to Milwaukee everyday for my day job. For about 3 weeks. Its not the best of situation for me. But whatever.
Todays brief HP stop was on my way to said office and will be that way for awhile.

Was 18 degrees when this pic was taken and you can see that cold temps makes the water look funny. No waves but really bumpy. Looks weird.
Tonites TNR will be a good one I think. Cold temps and two days of rain\mist might have the beach in prime condition. Nite rides on the beach are the coolest. And a almost full moon might add to the ambiance. Superfly is ready and lites are charged!