Pending Weekend

I really have nothing today but I’ll show one more pic from the wind damage the other day. Look in the back ground at the one sheet that wrapped around the parking meter.
I guess it was kinda windy.
Today I have a lot to do so I skipped the happy place visit in lieu of getting some work done both at store and day job.
My motive for such a sacrifice is a nooner bike ride today. 
But my dilemma is that I could ride the Superfly over in the park, or grab the cross bike for a ride to the other park, or even SSPinkie and hit the road.
I think the Superfly is out due to time constraints and that I would have to load it and drive over to the park.
SSPinkie is fun to ride and can do it right from the store…..
Cross bike is totally tricked out and is also a blast to ride, plus I can swing thru the woods at will but also can ride from the store…
Tomorrow I will be hanging around Halloween Cross. 
You will find me near the Flaming Coffin of Death.
Gonna be having lengthy conversations with the WCA board about my cross race next year. People don’t understand how early one needs to start planning this. Its around one year away and I might have started a bit late for my standards. I put a lot into it.
And am so looking forward to it.
Have a good weekend.

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