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Kids & Bikes

Todays pic

Was nice to roll a normal HP ride this morn. The sun is kicking ass today. I was only around Monday and then was two days in Chicago. So still busy trying to catch up with store stuff, wanted to post this morn during my usual time I set aside to do so but I just have so much to do……

This morn while taking said ride and having some coffee I came across a large group of kids riding. I could tell they were from a local school and most likely out for Phy Ed. Must have been at least 30 of them all wearing orange vests. They looked about 14 or so years old.
Then… one of them took a huge digger right in front of me as I drove past (on the other side of the street as I was going the other way). Hit the pavement hard. He was in a group of about 10 bikes or so but looked like he was not riding close to another bike but I only assume he rubbed a back wheel of the bike in front of him.

As the group passed me in waves I could not notice how terrible riders they all were. Weaving back and forth, they seemed to all have a tough time even balancing. Nobody was looking where they were going. No hands on brakes. No wonder that boy hit the road. I cant believe how bad these kids were at bike riding. Its so sad that they just do not ride enough to develop those basic skills.
Very sad.
At that age I was riding a wheelie a block long and clearing 10 foot gaps. And back then they had no riding in school Phy Ed. We learned this on our own.

It just shows how thing change over generations. Cell phones, Xbox and Facebook are the things that  kids use to take up time now and that is getting sadder by the minute.

So if you have a young’en in the family. Get outside and show them how to ride a bike before they are forced to do it in school. But then, if your reading this blog you already do that.

Tell someone else.


Vegas Part Three (Other Stuff)

Zion National Park

I do not like Vegas. I don’t gamble, drink or swear. I spend as little time as possible on the strip. We take a walk at nite to see the lights, and a walk during the day for some shopping. Other than that we might hit a nice restaurant once on the strip. All other activities are out of town.
As last year we took a ride thru Red Rock Canyon. Thats good for a couple of hours. I had a ton of pics of this place last year so I did not take any to speak of. Besides, I knew where we were going the very next day.
Two guys climbing (center of pic)

This year we decided to take the 2.5 hour drive over to Zion National Park in lower Utah. And glad we did. The park is also set in a Canyon and you take a bus (no cars allowed) 6 miles down stream. Several stops include a Lodge and many trail heads. Rock climbing and hiking are the two main activities. The amount of rock climbing here is second only to Yosemite. The hiking here is also big time.

 We saw a lot of hard core hikers coming out of the canyon hills. Huge packs on their backs and looking pretty ratty. Some had some pretty good scraps all over their legs. You could tell they have been out for awhile.

Huge vistas had tons of photographers camping out in spots all over the Park. Waiting for the sun to be just right and get that perfect pic. A lot of famous pictures have been taken here. I took about a zillion.
So another Vegas vacation in the books. 
It was fun. And I needed some rest when I got home.
Still catching up on work and domestic stuff.
Now its back to my bike riding and HP.
And thats all I have to say about that.


Vegas Part Two (Cross Vegas)

Now this is what I come to Vegas for. As far as Im concerned there just happens to be a bike show during Cross Vegas. This is by far the coolest bike race I attend all summer hands down. Everything is here. Cross bikes, 100 degree heat, bike celebs, fast pro riders from the US and abroad, many factory teams, beer and Mexican food.
And its share of weirdos walking around.
If the fast riders are not racing, their walking around.
Saw Willow Korber, in what I believe was her third wardrobe change of the day, riding around on some sort of xtracycle.
And amidst the hoopla a bike race breaks out. And the level of competition did not disappoint. The races were awesome. The kind of stuff we watch on TV. Cross races are just so awesome to watch. You can see them racing most of the course as opposed to once in a while with a crit or even worse, a MTB race when you see then once every twenty minutes. This form of racing is growing 100 percent per year here in the States. I love it.

Of course being celebs in the bike community we had VIP passes and that gave us all the beer and food we can drink and eat, let us sit on a hill that gave us a view of about 70% of the course, and kept us entertained by this huge Praying Mantis. If I had one complaint it would be the announcers who did a good job of pumping up the crowd but fell a little short of calling the play by play. There was a lot going on that they missed.
But I didn’t miss it.
Now with the move of Interbike to L.A. next year puts this race in jeopardy. Also moving it a month sooner sucks too.  I for one will continue to attend if it chooses to stay in Vegas. I would ditch Interbike to watch this race.
However, it just might be that I will be attending “Cross Angeles” next year.
I hope not. More to come.


Vegas Part One (Interbike)

Sure am glad to be home. My trip to my HP was special today as I get home sick easy and miss my everyday things. Im going to document my Vegas vacation in three posts. Interbike, Cross Vegas and then Other Stuff. First up is Interbike.

First off, for years I always wondered what went on at this thing. Always reading about it in all the mags and papers I subscribed to. And let me be the first to say, and keep in mind I’m as much a bike geek as anyone, that this show is not what its seems to be.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some very cool things here. Like meeting Jens Voigt. Pretty much the toughest guy in the TdF peloton. By his expression you can see he was pretty pumped to meet me too.

But for the most part the cool stuff you can see in just a couple hours if you know where they are on the floor. I was in the show for 4 hours all week. Wednesday from noon to 4pm. 

That’s it. An example of what you get here is some huge 20 by 30 foot display complete with huge video screen and several podium girls….. for some company that makes red spoke nipples. Granted Im sure those are really cool spoke nipples but how pumped can you get about spoke nipples. I cant believe how many times I just typed the word “nipples”.

So that is about 85 percent of what the show is about. Since this is my second show I knew where to go and who to see. The best booth in the show????

That would go to Sram. Last year too. Its a big booth that is full of a lot of stuff and some cool people. Its because of this booth(that they must have spent 6 figures on) that I am equipping all of my 2011 demo bikes with nothing but Sram driveline (not really, I decided that weeks ago).

This years hot item? Electric assist bikes. There must have been 30 different kinds of them. Big ones… little ones… folding ones. I have one in my store right now. I guess people think they are going to be the future of commuting. I hope so.
So that’s it. That’s the show. One huge building of some cool stuff but mostly  normal stuff. Every once in a while I see something I would not mind putting in the store and try to take some info with me. 

For the most part its just overload. And way too many people for my liking. On Wednesday you are constantly bumping shoulders all day and that drives me a little nuts. So four hours was plenty for me. I saw what I came to see.

And then I was out. Sorry to burst your Interbike bubble. Some people like it. 

Its just not for me. More to come.