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Aurora by Bike.

Considered a boat by law.

Today’s Chicago ride was once again on the IL Prairie Path. However not entirely on the path. I found out today that a majority of my 20 mile loop is in fact on the Fox River Trail.

I few miles farther west and I found myself in Aurora. Home of Wayne and Garth.

Followed the river up to what I believe is one of those fake gambling boats that are not really a boat but more like a building that just happens to float.

We do not have things like this is Wisconsin. Most of our buildings are on ground.

Once again it was 20 miles without hitting a street. A little rain kept the trails open.
I had no takers for this weeks Bike Path Domination Challenge.
Bummer. I had a perfect 30 min warmup that got wasted.


Daydreaming in the Morn…

Pic not today.

As I type this morn Im in Wisco, but loading the cross bike on the car to head back to the office in Chi-town. This morn’s stop to my HP was a longer one. And Im never sure when those will happen. 
Today my mind drifted towards the impending change of season. My fav time of year is fall. With Sept just a few days away I cant stop thinking about it. Cooler temps and beautiful vistas await. Every year I try and cram a years worth of activities into a month and a half. For me, its time for some bike touring.
Every fall I take off my racin’ shoes (easy to do this summer) and put on my touring shoes. In Sept there is my two most favorite century rides. 
First up, in just a couple weeks is the Door County Century.
People who know me best know I love Door County, Wisco.

Then a week later is DANOvilles own Earth Ride.

For me, these two events mark the start of Fall and I cant wait. The Door County ride incorporates a weekend camping trip with the group however I wont be able to make that this year. Its going to be a day ride for me.

When these type of rides are impending I do a little modifying to the Madone. Gone are the low racy million dollar bar and stem. During the summer its all about performance.

 But in fall its all about the century’s. In its place I put on a wider bar and the stem has a facelift and as I get older that get a bit higher. This time of year is all about the four hour rides. No need to be in time trial position. Time to get comfy on the bike and enjoy the scenery.

So that’s what Im thinking about today as I sat on the beach for about an hour.

The tractor was gone.


Draw the Line.

With the busy season still on I always have a little tolerance at my HP when its busy. I can share it with others but will not share it with a tractor.
My stop today was short lived.

Really nothing planned this weekend as far as riding. Gatta work tomorrow so I’ll get out early for a quick 20 miles. Have a family function on Sunday so I’ll get out early then also for another quickie.

Good luck to all racing Sunday.


Fair Exchange

Today I traded my HP for a nice MTB ride in the Northern Kettles. Greenbush they call it. 

Bike riding is at a all summer high for me right now. But that’s because I’m ditching all other life’s responsibilities.

Also a fair exchange in my book.

Gonna get another cross ride in later afternoon.

Nothing else to report.