Monthly Archives: July 2010

Down time

Very rarely do I want to post on Saturday. That means things are not going as planned. My early morning ride was a rain out today. The minute the store opens the sun comes out. So I was cheated out of a ride. So then I overstaffed the store to plan an early exit for a ride and then down to Beertown for the stupidweek race and I get a call in so Im stuck here at the store.
I took the early downtime to dig pinkie out of the basement. 
This bike has been with me for a long time and I will never part with it. Its been in many configurations and I am going to put it back to SS as it was in the big pic above. Little pic is Crossrace Pinkie. Currently, its in road bike mode. This is also the bike I used for my tour of Wisco in 08. 
Exept now instead of cobbling it together with parts I had laying around I can order cool new stuff.
Its starts Monday. Its gonna be fun.


Slow Day

Today I spent a good amount of time at my HP. Rain drops falling.
I have a few real life decisions to make that I have been putting off. And I need to make them before the end of the month. I hate that stuff. Visiting my Happy Place helps and cool sand castles rule.
Spent the morning watching the tour live for the first time. Otherwise its always been to try and not hear what happened and watch later in the evening.
As far as today’s stage…. how boring a finish. It had all the right ingredients for a fist fight and… nothing.
I have said this before…. give me the one day classics.

Other than that nothing to speak of.

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.


Losing a bike.

Today I’m pretty sure I sold my cross bike. Its the cheapest bike I ride and my most favorite. Show here in full race mode.

I’m glad we had that long ride last week at STC. Makes it a little more tolerable.

Now….. what to replace it with. Pretty sure its gonna be this.

Time will tell as I do not want to wait for one. I cant go a long time without a cross.

After two twelve hours days Mon and Tues Im kinda caught up between my two jobs and will resume the bike riding today. However I have made the unpopular decision (with me) to scrape the entire track season. I had high hopes to hit the track by the end of this month but I just have too much weight right now. Very sad that I have a new Blue track bike that I have never even rode. So its gonna be sold for now. More on that later.
The only races I can do is MTB right now, with the Iceman and maybe a few cross races (and those are still pending for weight results).
I am working very hard on changing my schedule to free up some time for myself. But wont hit till August.

Wish me luck with that.