Lots of Money.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I’m in Chicago for my day job. Our new office is in Warrenville. Our last office was in Elmhurst. Both high end burbs. Its mind staggering the money that’s around here. Huge SUV’s driven while texting is the norm here. I noticed also the higher the property values, the less you see bikes. 

Last nite I had to stop into a Walgreen’s to pick up some over priced shaving cream that I forgot back in Wisconsin. At the checkout I was right behind a family that has a shopping cart full of stuff. I over heard the father saying how they just stopped for some small insignificant item and his two teenage daughters fill the cart with crap to the tune of $192 dollars. And was laughing about it. He had no idea what was even in the cart. He paid cash. And loaded everything into his full size Mercedes sedan. What a difference in life style compared to the way I was raised. 

I tried to put myself in that position and I honestly think I would not handle it. Its just too much. Too many people have way to much stuff. Some people handle it well but many don’t. Those are the people I cannot stand next to in a line at the checkout at the local Walgreen’s. Very irritating.

One thing I did notice about the new office is that the Prairie Trail is only a mile away. This trail screams cross bike and I will for sure hit it up during one of my visits here.

Its Friday so I must have a shit ton of riding plans for the weekend that most likely will get dashed. Road on Saturday, MTB on Sunday. I hope it happens but I wont get my hopes up only to get disappointed. And then document said disappointment on this blog.

Time to get upbeat. Hopefully I wont be able to post till Monday. That’s the sign that I had a busy weekend.

So…….. see ya Monday.


1 thought on “Lots of Money.

  1. It's funny you mention all the "stuff". It's been a topic many of us who got flooded out last week have been discussing. We lost a lot of crap when the basements flooded. Some of the things that were ruined were important – like family photos, documents, etc. which is very unfortunate. But really, most of what me and my neighbors lost was CRAP. Crap that we've accumulated over the years and because it never gets looked at or used it just sits in the basement. Having had to get rid of most it has been, in a way, liberating and makes you think twice about consuming more.

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