Weekend Update (Sunday)

Some days my ride to my Happy Place is almost routine. I’ll do it without thinking. Some days is very much needed. Like today.
A bunch of stuff has me stressed out. Hope it passes soon. Life’s too short to lose sleep over crap like this.

With Saturdays riding a bust I grabbed the MTB for a small ride called out in the Northern Kettles of Greenbush on Sunday. My first thought is that it was too wet but it was not as bad as one would think. However the small block tires I run were useless on the greasy trails and I couldn’t ride fast enough to keep up without putting my life in jeopardy so I pulled back for a solo ride. I love those small block treads, Ive been rocking them two years now and they sure are fast on the dry, but even a small amount of moisture will cause one to Tokyo drift the corners. I must have came close to washing out my front end 15 times before I slowed.

Thats the first time I rode the MTB hard. And I was hurting on the hard efforts. I just have not been riding hard enough I guess. Hours in the saddle does nothing for my top end and that is nonexistent right now. I feel like scraping most of my racing this summer. With the exception of Iceman.

I’ll just set another training and weight goal for fall. I’m good at failing at all my goals and just setting another in its place. Frustrating.

I’ll let the trails dry a few days and grab the Madone today.


Wa da ya think?

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