The Weekend. The 29’er.

The weekend went well for me. 
3.5 hours on Friday, 3 hours on Saturday, 1.5 hours on Sunday.
But with almost 3 of those hours in the woods. 
I called out a MTB ride in the Northern Kettles of Greenbush on Sunday and had about 6 bikes show up. Check out John A’s mode of transportation. Love the bike rack on the back of his BMW.

I’ve had the 29’er now for a long time but due to circumstances could not start riding until recently. Ive had a ton of people asking my opinion on the bigger wheels and I always put off an answer due to lack of time on the bike. I have now put in some time on it so here it go’s.

First off, I can see why the big wheels are not for everyone. But, they are for me. I can use the big wheels because being a bigger guy I try to use my momentum to my advantage. And the bigger wheels play into that. On the downhills and flats I can just roll better so the bike plays into my strengths. If you are a rider that excels in climbing and use the hills to make your move then I would say not. And besides the bigger hoops the bike itself has a little more movement in the rear suspension than the Topfuel. Even I can notice it. But since I suck at climbing anyway it does not bother me as much.

In the tight singletrak I can also notice the bigger wheels but nothing that I cant get used to.

So….. yes. I am on the 29 inch wheels until further notice.

Training (riding) is going well. At least Im getting the time in. For now.


Wa da ya think?

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