Monthly Archives: May 2010

Extended Weekend.

Had a great ride this morn. Every morn I like to hit my happy place but when I can ride my cross bike on a sunny day to my happy place its a trifecta for real and the rest of the day pretty much does not matter.
I decided to work the store today and got a bonus as my Superfly 100 showed up.
I put it together today and am planning on racing it tomorrow in Wausau.
Not 100% sure Im going but I hope to.
Other than that I plan on  riding at least 3 different bikes totalling over 10 hours this weekend. I already rode the Madone two yesterday and the cross two this morn so Im good to go.
Have a great 3 day weekend.

Blackberry Blog

Just thought I would give this a shot. Blackberrys newer operating system rocks. I’m laying out these thoughts as I sit on the beach this morn. How coll this technology is and what it let’s us do. Some people blame this tech for increasing the pace of their lives. I say your not using it correctly. I just noticed it will not let me upload a pic. Bummer.

Big riding weekend for me. Looking for at least 10 hour by Mon nite. Starting with a road ride this aft. Wausau WORS is up in the air as I have no one else going and I’m not driving it alone. Time will tell.

That’s all for now. The sun is big and bright. Get outside!



(pic not me)
Had a great group ride last nite. The fast guys waited up and had a few newbies that did pretty good.
However this ride will go in the books as the hardest rain I have ever rode my bike in.
As we were rolling back home, maybe about 4 or 5 miles to go (out of 40) we saw the the storm rolling in and had thought we might miss it. Huge lightning strikes straight ahead of us. Very, very dark for 7pm.
We almost made it.
With about 3 miles to go the storm hit. Huge winds that grabbed my 65mm wheels and tried to throw me into the ditch.
Rain so hard you could not breath. My contacts were washed out of my eyes. Visibility was several feet but did not matter cuz you had to ride with your head down, looking at your front wheel.
I later heard it rained about 1.25 inches in 40 minutes. We rode in about 30 minutes of that. In hindsight, its stuff like this that makes rides memorable. I will remember this one for a long time.

I like it when I do stuff that I can remember.


Dog Days of Spring

The weather here has been crazy with August like temps. Its 75 degrees at 7am. No humidity. Not only did I head down to my happy place I stayed for a spell and did some work. What a wonderful way to start the day.

Tonite is the Wednesday Nite Worlds Group social ride and I am debating what to do. The sun is totally out and I wanna ride like, right now. So my dilemma is have a great ride sooner than later, or wait until the group ride tonite and suffer while getting dropped. You would think thats a easy choice but with all the solo riding I have been doing (see prior post) I really need to get my ass kicked now and then.

Right now Im thinkin’ I’ll do both. As long as I get my work done. I’m thinkin’ a couple of hours down by the beach should get that done. Then its time for a ride.

Or two.