Game Back On

The road bike is done and done. Well, almost. I slapped on the wheels Friday right before a ride. Yes, you heard right. I rode a bike this weekend. In fact, I had three rides three days in a row. Fri,Sat and Sunday. 60 miles total.

Back to the bike. Everything is on the bike except I did not put the tubeless tires on. Instead I pulled a set of Conti’s off the floor. Not sure why I did that as Im going to air up the tubeless this week. Prior I was all over the tubeless thing. Now that I have them and and a fresh set of Conti’s on Im not so sure anymore. Just cold feet I guess. I have to do a set for a customer. I’ll do those first as see how I like them. Again, Im sure they ride great, just not so sure I want to go thru all the tubeless hassle. Or after setting up that first set maybe its no hassle at all.

Friday me and another headed out in the afternoon for 23 miles. My first real ride in seven weeks. And after that short ride I felt exactly as I thought I would. Everything hurt. Shoulders and neck the worst. I was limping the rest of the day. My knees ached. I hurt so bad I had to take some vitamin “I” before bed to get to sleep. The comeback is not going to be easy. I didnt think it was going to be.

Saturday moen I left with the breakfast group but had to flip back to work. I felt a bit better but then again it was only 15 miles and pretty slow so I’ll call that one a recovery ride.

Sunday 5 of us headed out for a quick 25 miles. Temps in the 50’s felt awesome. Im always amazed on how bad I feel on the bike with a long absence. And then Im amazed on how fast it comes back. I felt great Sunday. Knees did not hurt. I felt so much better than Friday and even pulled quite a bit. I just need to lose some weight and keep the time up on the bike. 10 hours a week would be good but Im not sure I could swing that with the coffee shop opening early.

I’ve got to say the Brooks seat is working perfectly. I think I’ve found a keeper. Other riders with little or no seat time complained about a sore butt. I was pleasantly surprised to find no discomfort at all. On any of the rides. I’ve got two more of those seats on order. The seat really has no padding but a ton of flex. It’s a bit narrower than my other seats so that could be a factor in its success too. I dont care what makes it so comfy, just glad I found a seat that works for me. I wont put one on the floor, these things run over $200 bucks. The most expensive seat I’ve used. And totally worth it

What a difference a week makes. Last week Monday I was amazed by the record setting snow storm. Today, a week later all that snow is almost gone, (here, not so much north of here) and you would not even know it happened just 7 days ago. Tomorrow might hit 60 degrees. But thats about time. We deserve this now. Bring on spring.

My next ride might be tomorrow afternoon. Most likely solo. Now that my store is clean across town I’ve been looking for a half ass decent route to ride out to my favorite park. Yesterday afternoon I spent some time looking for that and I think I found possibility. It involves some sidewalk and across a few yards but it just might work. Maybe I’ll give it a test run Tuesday aft. It might be a great ride with my Checkpoint which was supposed to come in last week, now looking like later this week. Can’t wait.

That’s it for now.


End of Week

Im not going to go on and on about the snow. But a couple things. Officially just a bit north it was the second largest snowstorm in all history. Today, four days later they are still digging out.


The pic is from a friend’s Facebook post that lives in Green Bay. Crazy deep. 30 plus inches up there. Just maybe 6 to 8 here. Last nite it snowed 6 to 8 inches south of here with less than 2 here. Its crazy how the big storm was north and yesterday’s snow was south.

As expected, the store was slow this week. But I did get caught up with some special projects. Yesterday I went down to our local YMCA and tuned up their spin bikes. I got about half of them with the rest next week. Also, I still have to do a final clean of the old store. Im officially out at the end of this month. I can’t wait for that. Maintaining insurance and utilities on two stores is expensive. But was needed to make this move work.

Moving on from all this. Today its sunny. Seems like the first time in over 10 days that I can see the sun. Feels nice. Looking at the 10 day, everyday it 5 degrees warmer and 8 out of 10 have the sun out. The weather dudes are saying the snow is done and done. We are back to the seasonal average temp of 50 degrees in a few days. Now, we have to just wait for all this snow to melt. Then, wait for the woods to dry. That could be a month. Hoping there are some decent roads to ride by the weekend. Some wet spots from melting snow but for the most part dry.

My riding has been at a all time low. All time. About 2 hours on a bike in the last 7 weeks. I thought the comeback was starting last week. Then the snow. Now Im waiting to restart the comeback. Hopefully soon.

So, on the bike front. Just got a email the Zipp stuff has shipped. Maybe here tomorrow. Monday for sure. Along with customer stuff I have a set of 404MSW’s coming. This is a completely redone wheel from last year. New shape, design and hub. Can’t wait to see it on the BMC. Along with those new rims are the new Zipp tires that I will mount tubeless.

So with that shipment the BMC is set. Then, later yesterday I get the message my Checkpoint is in. That will have to wait till after the weekend to ship. I never ship anything expensive that will sit in a truck over a weekend. Just minimizes the potential for disaster. I’ll ship it Monday. Then, I start the part swapping. Getting this Easton bar.  Im taking the wheels from the BMC and putting those on the Checkpoint.

Some nice 3T’s. Nice and wide.  I have these tires here and waiting. But Im not sure if I want to go with something that aggressive. I heard some are putting on these 2.0 MTB tires. I have a set of those here too. Whatever happens should be fine.

Im still up in the air about MTB’s. But with the woods about a month behind I do that one last. Still up in the air. Either the Stache full suspension or a 9.8 EX. Will depend on what available at the time.

I sure hope to get a ride in this weekend. I dont care how long. Sunday looks good. 50 and sunny. Maybe Saturday morning a short one before I open. Either way I need to get that comeback going before I sink below the point of no return. Not sure that that is but I dont want to find out.

The weather is improving ongoing so things should be looking up in that respect. Get outside and have a good weekend.





Wasted Weekend(another)

What a wasted weekend. All weather related. Starting with freezing rain on Saturday to full on snow all day Sunday. Just 90 miles north they had 20+ inches fall and I believe I heard the 3rd largest snowstorm in history? Some parts if Wisconsin predicted up to 30 inches. We had no where’s near that here but close to 10 inches on the north side of the area where I live. Which is more snow that we had in Jan\Feb combined. And more coming on Wednesday. I spent Sunday on the couch all day. Watched the entire new season of Better  Call Saul on Netflix. All day. I did spend some time outside shoveling. When I wasnt outside I was looking outside. It looked like mid January.


Its nuts but I won’t complain as much. It’s just a freak thing that has happened before and Im sure again sometime. Temps look like they moderate in to 40’s to stay in 5 days. That’s still below average but at this point beggars can’t be choosers. 

What this does mean for me is that the store will be a week behind in sales but thats the way it is. Im sure today, as people dig out, will be super slow. Just might tell everyone else to stay home and go it alone.

That, and this puts the MTB trails near another month behind. It will take weeks to melt all this snow, let alone dry the dirt. Well into May.

That segways me into this: Im looking at attending the Hungry Bear 100. A gravel event up in Cable,WI. Like I need another excuse to head up there. It’s on Saturday, May 12. But that’s up in the air in my mind. Hell, they might have snow and ice in the woods still. I’ll guess I’ll wait and see. The gravel roads up there can be pretty crappy (for gravel roads) with all the logging and such. Quite a few times we rode them they were sandy, loose and rocky. Tough even with a 40c tire. I can only imagine them with the frost still coming out of the ground. While thats possible at that time most likely it will be fine. It’s just hard to imagine having full on winter here at April 16th. It will still be full on winter here up to April 20th. Thats nuts!

Another thought if the gravels road are not set up yet is Brown County in Indiana. I’ve never been but have heard a lot about it. That’s a 6 hour drive but sits in a more southern part of the world. It’s always warmer and drier there before here. It’s a thought anyway. I would have to plan on getting my Stache then before my Checkpoint. Actually, I need to take those bikes as soon as they come available as they will sell out completely again…

On other bike news, Im putting in my Zipp order today. Im on an amazing Emonda build that Im going to start next week. I’ll post a few pics for sure. Trek Emonda SLR 9 with eTap. Zipp wheels and cockpit. Super nice bike Im building for a customer. Can’t wait to get it on the ground.

As the store slows due to the weather, I take full advantage and get lots of paperwork done. Sometimes I save stuff for times like this and of late I did. So today and tomorrow Im hitting the books.


Being a half ass amateur photographer Im Facebook friends with a few really good ones. Here is a pic of our lighthouse on Saturday getting pounded during the rain\snow storm. Winds recorded up to 50mph then. The top of the lighthouse is over 60 feet. What a great pic. Its my background for a while…..

That’s about it for today. Going to be a slow week. No riding. But its a week to get things done. I think the roads will be ready to ride by next weekend. Maybe. I hope so, the comeback is on hold right now. If fact it took two steps back yesterday with couch, food and Netflix. Hope to reverse that soon.


What the What?


What the hell is going on here?

I didn’t ride yesterday and now I wish I did. In the next 3 days the weather dudes are talking up to 3 inches of rain and 4 inches of snow. In fact they are calling for rain, thunderstorms, snow and sleet w\icing. All in one sentence. Thats nuts.

So the store will be slow. There will be no riding. No nothing. I got some gift certs for the local movie theater and it looks like I will be spending that this weekend. That and will get a lot of paperwork done in the store. With yet another lost weekend people are going to be going a bit cabin crazy here. Me included.

Once again the Cable\Hayward area are getting another foot of snow. Mid April has those trails in mid January conditions. Skiing until May up there? I hear the ski trails still have almost two feet of snow on them. Add one more then….. While last year they had no snow and cancelled the Birkie, this year they were out plowing the snow off the ski trails. With more plowing to come next week….  Yesterday someone said its a nice day for January 83rd. Thats funny.

So not much of anything will go down this weekend. I’ll still say have a good weekend and get outside as some of you dont live here..… Lucky.