Cant believe its Friday already. The week goes by fast when you work a lot. Had some help on vacation this week so its been a blur…

I did get out for a short ride yesterday before the store opened. A nice 20 miles before it got too hot. Temps have been up and huge humidity.20213898_138715100045593_6378277703031717888_n

I rode the BMC. I thought about the Crockett but was limited on time so I thought I would use the “fast” bike. I really like this bike and hope to ride it a bit more before its up for sale. Ive actually thought about parting it out. Its always great so sell a demo bike outright but when the price tag gets high then the number of available buyers plummets. I would consider selling the driveline, frame, wheels all separate. And while that opens up the sale to a bigger audience its also three times the work. I’ll think about it for awhile.

The new 2018 fat bikes are starting to hit the store.


Starting with the entry level Farely 5. Same price tag as last year but with a carbon fork and 1 by 11 drive. Its crazy how far these bikes have come in over just 5 years. This was a $2300 bike a few years ago. Now $1700. I got two in and one is already sold.

Today will be a busy day as I am alone in the store so I better open early and try to stay ahead of the game here. Im planning on a short ride before work tomorrow morn and will have some help with me so thats good. Next week the store is back to full strength and I can resume some longer rides in the morn.

Sunday I hope to ride something somewhere. Just not sure what.

Get outside and have a good weekend.


Two in a Row

Will wonders ever cease? Post two days in a row.  I planned a short ride this morning but opted to grab my coffee bench in the park for the second day in a row.  Such a nice cool morning. This time of year the park is busy and my alone time is limited but still worth the time I put in there.


I dont see a lot of ships sail past this time of year but I did catch the Federal Kumano sneak past. Registered to the Marshall Islands wherever that is. And you can tell from the pic it was way out there. Not very visible to the naked eye. Im sure many people would not even notice it but Im used to looking for them along the horizon.


There’s my coffee view. I might just see more of it as Ive decided that Im going to walk a bit on the mornings that I dont ride. It’s crazy how far I can ride a bike but a 30 minute walk has be working. Much harder than a 30 minute bike ride. My body has become so used to bike riding thats its so efficient at it. Throw in another type of activity and it freaks out. As far as weight loss and fitness, riding no longer helps me. Except for maybe getting better at riding, and make me more efficient at it and even having less of an fitness impact.

So Im off to the shoe store to look for some walking shoes. I guess thats a thing. I’ve always had cheap throw away shoes and like anything else need to spend a bit more money to get a good pair. And I have no idea what’s good or bad but thats what the interwebs is for.

Im a bit short on help this week so Im not sure when I’ll get out to ride. If I do it will be a short one before the store opens.

That’s about it for a Tuesday.



Nice Weekend

Another huge gap in posts which means one thing…  Im out riding in the morning.  Thursday was 45 miles, Friday and Saturday around 20 to 25 miles each. And Sunday finally got an hour on the MTB.


Thursday’s ride was not uneventful. All of a sudden my rear driveline started skipping. Just riding along (JRA) and after stopping and looking it over came to the conclusion that my freewheel in the rear hub was skipping… I then cut the ride short and started to soft pedal home but I was close to 20 miles out at the time. The others kept going but turned around for me after they figured out I was no longer in the the group.

It got to the point where I was afraid to ride up a hill with the constant skipping. I stopped one more time to take a look but could not see anything. About 8 miles from home the culprit came to light. My chain broke as I was soft pedaling. I kinda thought that it could be a bad link coming apart on the chain but when I stopped I looked for that and didnt see anything. It didnt break with a bang but sorta just rolled off the bike and onto the road.

Of course I didnt have anything along to fix it but someone else did. Im glad they turned around after I broke off.  One of the guys had a chain tool and a quick link. I pulled off the bad link and installed the quick link and it was good as new again. And was grateful someone had that stuff along. Among the 6 of us he was the only one. 

Im not sure why it came apart. Just one of those things I guess. Now the chain has two quick links on it but thats fine by me. I considered a new chain but I think Im good with this one still.

Friday and Saturdays rides were quick ones before the store opened and uneventful in the good way. Sunday I decided to grab the MTB (really a fatbike) and acually ride in the woods a little. I think it has been at least 3 weeks since. I headed out to our local State trails and put in about an hour. It was a very nice, slow ride. Cool temps and sun. I just tooled around and looked at stuff maybe stopping twice to catch my breath on the climbs. Its crazy how you lose a little skill when your out of the woods for a bit. I was bouncing off every rock in the trail but I didn’t care. I was just happy to be in the woods.

So all in all a good weekend of riding. This morn I just spent some quality time in the park in my favorite bench. Had some coffee and relaxed before I went into the store. Thought about a way to take some time off in the next few weeks. Maybe a overnight bike tour? Let’s see if I can make that happen…



eTap vs Di2

Currently Im riding two bikes, well.. three if you count the MTB. But for the road I have my BMC Roadmachine One with Ultegra Di2 and my Trek Crockett with eTap.


I’ve had some time on both to make a few comments. As far as Di2 go’s I’ve been on that steady since 2012. The groupset was groundbreaking when it came out. But the best thing about it is that they continue to improve and add features. The newest shiftsync is just one of the improvements they have made. Really, Di2 is the mark that all others are gauged by.

Then last year eTap finally hits. We all have seen it for several years before but Sram took their time to make sure they got it right. And Im glad they did. It’s a great driveline with the main feature being wireless. I held out for the hydro driveline and am still just one of the few who have it now. I have a second set coming in early Aug.

So the thing about the wireless eTap is of course, setup. I’ve only installed two drives so far but the last one I had the front and rear derailleur, chain and both levers in my hands and had the drive on the bike, up and running in 16 minutes. Thats crazy. It really is that simple. 

So I was amazed on how simple it is to install the eTap. Installation award goes to eTap.

So which one is best. Both of them. They both have good points. They both shift great. But for the eTap, the advantage kinda ends with the wireless deal. Really, thats about it. But its a big deal even tho its just the one thing Di2 does not have. So let’s get down to it:

Battery life go’s to Di2. But thats to be expected when you have wireless and need a smaller capacity battery on each derailleur and shifter. The Di2 go’s months. Im not sure how long the eTap runs on a charge but I know its in no way a deal breaker. Still very manageable.

Shifting performance is a wash. They both work very well. Some say the eTap’s front derailleur moves a bit slower but nothing to write about. Both shift excellent.

You can imagine riding both systems at the same time can cause some shifting confusion. I dont know how many times I’ve hit both levers on the Di2 to shift the front ring thinking I was on eTap. Its a old guy memory problem. I do get it figured out after a few miles on the specific bike. As far as shifter operation, I really like the eTap. So simple and easy. On the Di2 you have two buttons very close to each other and with my pudgy fingers I hit the wrong button all the time. But thats hard to do on the eTap. One side goes up the cassette, one side goes down. Both at the same time move the front. Its very hard to make a wrong button mistake. Im going to put shifter operation a nod for eTap.

Finally, Im going to put a nod in the Di2 category with programmability. You can choose and adjust and customize your shifting with Shimano e-Tube software. And for me thats huge. I love playing with different shift modes and such. Also with the same software you can diagnose issues with the system. Another plus. I just had to do so with my dead battery (see Monday’s post). Also Di2 has a bluetooth sensor you can add to your system to talk to you phone and Garmin. All awesome stuff. Now, we all know that Sram’s eTap will have the same capabilities soon. In fact the groups come with a dongle for your computer so someday you will have the same capabilities to talk to your driveline like Shimano. Its coming but as of today its not here yet.

So in closing… both are great for their own specific reasons. Both would do you good.

But if you put a gun to my head and told me to pick one? Just because they are farther along and programmable I would say Di2. I will say the eTap has a bit more of a “cool factor” to it still. Its new and growing and Im sure I will have a few more bikes with the driveline in the future.

It’s amazing how fast this stuff is evolving. Im reading that FSA is coming out with a electric driveline that is wired to the derailers so you can use a bigger battery for longer battery life, but wireless to the shifters. The best of both worlds? I would assume I would give that a try when its time comes up.

Its pretty interesting to see where this all ends up someday.