Its Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and I just did not have time to post yesterday. It’s nice to still be busy in the store this time of year. Even tho it’s a bit slower Im a one man band so I stay busy. 

Friday nite\Saturday morn I rode the Powerfly home from then back to work. It’s a pretty easy commute. On the way to work Saturday morn I hit the woods up a bit. Makes the ride to work seem more like play. 

Then Sunday I grabbed the Checkpoint and did a little combo ride. Mostly road but some woods too. In fact I hit two city parks and crossed four bridges over the same river.

I ride over these bridges several times a week. Im still rockin the 42c WTB Resolutes on the bike. I ordered some 40c tires for it but Im not so sure Im going to switch. The WTB’s have a pretty aggressive tread on them and since I do 80% road with the bike Im thinking of going with a smaller tread pattern. Most gravel tires are small block anyway. And I think that would be a little more efficient on the road. But these tires seem alright for the road anyway. I rode them a bit in the spring but ditched them for th 2.0 MTB tires which I still have. So I just may keep them on. I might make them tubeless this week if I have the time. Would be nice to be able to ride on real  gravel. We have none here. I need to drive 3 or more hours north for that. Hoping to do that at least once in Aug and once in November.

This week Im contemplating my weekend away in two weeks. I mentioned Eagle River last post. That would be nice but we’ll see. The fall is such nice riding and when its game on I freak out trying to get the most riding in I can in that short time. I need to plan now for the future. Planning every day. Now that I think about it maybe Marquette would not be so bad… Or maybe…..?


Walk Day


Amazing mornings of late. Great temps. Lots of sun. Had a great walk on the beach. It’s really the only place I can walk where you dont get nailed by mosquitos. They are so bad right now. Maybe the worst I’ve ever seen. I dont want to put on and bug spray as then I would have it on all day at work. Yesterday riding in the woods you could see them all just swarming around the trail as you rode past. I hope this passes soon. Its a bummer.

I hate to talk about this as it just seems to jinx it. It looks like the weekend of the 29\30th will be a chance to head up north. Not sure where yet. I might like to head back to Eagle River to ride the Hidden Lakes trail again.

If you remember that trail kicked my ass and was the beginning of the ebike thought process. I just want to go back. It’s such a gorgeous trail winding between lakes. And I would have free lodging then too. So that will be high on my to do list for that weekend.

I have not been to either Marquette or Hayward all summer. Probably the first time thats happened in 10 years. I hope get one of those done in Oct and maybe one in Nov. If I dont go out west.


As I walked the shore I saw this. Been there a million times and its a first. It’s not everyday you see a kid pulled on a tube from a fishing boat in Lake Michigan. They were miles away from any boat landing. Weird.

That’s about it for today. Rare two days in a row posting. That’s weird too.


Me Time


With the store opening at 11am I now get some more me time. And just heading into fall. This is my favorite time of the year. I get in more rides and the weather cools down. Trees turn. It’s awesome to be in Wisconsin in the fall.

This morning I headed out to our local state trail called Greenbush or Northern Kettles. Before ebike (BEB) I really never came out here anymore. And if I did I just did loops one and two and called it a day. Now I do all four and I’ve been out here twice a week. Its still not my favorite trail system but its only 35 minutes away so beggars can’t be choosers.

I really am looking forward to taking this bike up to Marquette or Hayward. And I will. Unfortunately I just dont wont say so when I do. Again, 99.9% of the ebike feedback is positive but there is that less than 1% that are against. And these select few are true haters. I’ve talked to a few of these guys online and I think they would punch me if they saw my on “their” trails. So when Im up in Gods country I will be a little stealthy. I won’t announce to the world where I am. Let the haters figure it out.537339_403551623065880_1078436160_n

As the store slows Im doing as much planning ahead as I can. I would like a weekend out in Sept, one in Oct and then a week out west in November. That’s the perfect scenario and will see if I can make that work.

That’s about it for mid week. The weather looks to be amazing all week. Tomorrow might be a walking morning. Will see. Just gatta keep moving!


Weekend Update


Not a bad weekend. The post rain weather continues to be amazing. I finally got out in the woods on Sunday. Kinda was a epic day for me. I guess maybe a first. With the ebike, its not just being able to climb steeper hills, its also about riding longer.

Sunday I put in two laps at New Fane, then scooted over to Greenbush for some more time in the saddle. All the trails were dry. In Greenbush I did not do loop 4 as I heard they did not finish cleaning out the downed trees there yet. Maybe it was done then but I just did not care to find out.

 I had a HR monitor on the second ride. I was still working. But I did notice my max was about 10 beats off pre ebike. And thats fine by me.  171 is still getting after it.

But this day would not have been possible without some assist. No way I could have lugged my fat ass for 15 miles. As much as my ego gets beat up the ebike is still doing its job well.

Ive been still sending these rides over to Strava. But I dont really want to. As you would expect Ive been blowing up my PR’s on the ebike. Not saying Im getting any KOMs. Far from. But I’ve been trying to either delete or mark private all the ebike rides. At least the ones that grab any false PR’s. People have been concerned that I would grab all the Strava KOM stuff on this bike and thats not reality. Again, I will confess I am using the lowest level of assist. But really thats all I need. I dont need to ride the trails super fast. I just need to ride the trails without having to walk some hills and such. I won’t go over old news here. Anyway, Sunday was a nice ride. Cool temps and two trail systems.

Today was a walking day so I headed out to our local State Park. After I finished my coffee I headed out for a walk but the mosquitoes were nuts. All the prior rain has produced a population explosion. I got 10 minutes into the woods and just had to turn around. They were awful. So I thought I would get out of the cover of the woods and headed out on one of the boardwalks.


And I didnt get far. The remnants of all the rain a week ago is still around and show where all the mosquitoes are coming from. This walk was also a fail. Its been getting in the low 50’s at nite so I thought the bugs would be on the way out but they seem on the way up. Warmer weather the next few days will most likely keep me from walking the woods. I’ll ride a bike instead I guess.

Just so I stay busy.