First Winter Weekend.


The weekend went down pretty much as planned. The Saturday group ride was not the best. At 23 degrees it was cold. At least for early Nov standards. While I was in full winter gear some of the guys missed the mark. They were cold. Then we all had visions of beach riding but that was not to be. At least for me. The beach was soft even at those cold temps. You just can never guess the conditions of the frozen beach. Today I walked it at 32 degrees and it was frozen hard. I was not even leaving a print as I walked. But that was not the case Saturday morn. Most of the skinny guys stayed on the beach. Those guys could ride the wet sand in summer. I bailed and hit the road. Which were covered with ice. Two others went down hard. I managed to stay upright the entire ride but I cut short to get back to the store. And realized I had to ride back the 6 miles of road in a 25 mph headwind. In the cold and on the ice. As I soft peddled back to the car I had to smile a little when I was thinking this was pretty much the worst ride I had in a long time. You can’t win them all.

Fall will resume in a few days. Back to the 40’s by the weekend.

Sunday I grabbed the Powerfly to hit up our local State trails. The snow would make it feel like a different trail and that did not disappoint. With all the leaves gone and the ground white it was a pretty scenic ride. I met others on the trail who were pretty fast. I had to turn up the assist to keep up. But I didn’t ride that way long as I was pretty much on the brink of disaster trying to keep up to them. I let some air out my tires and that helped a little. They were all on fat bikes.

But it was a nice ride. Again, one of the last on the Powerfly. When that thing is gone I will miss it for sure. Everyone else will have to remember to wait for me again…  until spring that is. Then it will be the carbon frame version. Just because.

After the ride I stopped in at a local cross race going on near town. Spent an hour talking to people who I can’t remember their names and then went home for a nap and some football. Id have to say that was a pretty good day off for me.  Except I ate too much again.

I will keep working on that. And I have a possible chance on heading somewhere this weekend. More on that later this week.




What a difference a few days make. A week ago I was ranting on how all the colors and leaves are still on the trees after weeks of being peak. Then, I talk about the mass leaf drop last Sunday. Today we got out first dusting. Actually almost 3 inches.

I woke to a white winterland and hurried to the store to grab the bike. Was a very cool hour ride in the woods. The change of seasons always puts me in a good mood. The trees full of snow and the ground went from bright orange to white overnite. The 3in tires were just fine for this little snow. I rode slow and looked at stuff. It was a good ride.

And one of the last on the ebike. In fact I was planning on another Marquette trip on the 17th\18th. Next week. After that the bike will be going for sale and I will have my fat bike done to ride. More on the fat bike next week but its in store and not quite done yet. Waiting on the wheelset.

So the ebike run will be over for the season. Im pretty sure I’ll get another one in spring unless I lose 50 pounds and get a double knee replacement. And I can pretty much guarantee none of that is going to happen. But I can always dream.

Today was the first ride of the week. Not really sure why. A lot of rain early but I did get in some nice walks.


This was yesterday. Had a great hike ( Im going to call then hikes now because walks sound boring) along the lake. I had a eagle pretty much watch me the entire time. I must have looked a little shady.

Then on Wednesday there was this guy.

He\she walked out to the waters edge, looked around and headed north. I dont think he even saw me and if he did he\she didn’t care. I see a lot of stuff walking the beach but this was a first. Pretty cool when it happenes. Especially when I have my camera with me.

The was Wednesday. The next day I saw him\her near the park entrance. Two days in a row.

Moving on to this weekend. Not sure what’s up. I will do the Saturday group ride in the morning but I need to cut short to open the store. Looking at the temps I think we might have our first beach ride of the year. 24 degrees at ride time. So it will be a short ride for me but a cool one. First beach ride of the year is always awesome. I’ll ride the Checkpoint (which is also sold)(not sure what Im going to do there) with the 2in tires on it. Almost a perfect bike for these rides.

Sunday Im not sure. I would like to get in another ride on the Powerfly since the time on that bike is limited now. But will see what the temps are. Melting snow could make this a sloppy mess. Will see. Im sure the road tomorrow could be sloppy. But I think most of the snow will be clear off the roads by then. Not sure about the woods tho…

So thats about it for me. Get outside and have a good weekend.


The Weekend


Waiting for the others Saturday.

The weekend started pretty good. Had a good Saturday group ride. Despite a double flat. Not sure what was up with that. I found nothing in the tire. The second tube had the leak on the inside. With a perfectly good rimstrip. It’s a mystery. But almost 30 miles with the guys and gal. Got dropped a few times but nothing crazy and I finished with the group so its all good. The Checkpoint is perfect for these rides. Sadly, I have to let it go as I have someone who wants it. So it will be back to the drawing board soon to figure out what Im going ride on these rides all winter.

Took this pic on way to ride Saturday morn. Thought it was cool.

That was Saturday. Sunday was a much different story. Cold, huge wind and driving rain pretty much stripped the trees of the leaves I was ranting about. The trees went bare in 24 hours. Along with random trees down. Winds over 40mph. And not the woods looks like winter. Fall is over. With nothing else to do I went in to the store and did paperwork for a few hours, then home to sit on the couch and eat too much.

Sunday. The leaves covered the ground so fast Sunday it looked like you needed a snowplow to clear them.

I was a little down this last week. This was the week I was out west last year. I truly believed I was going to make this a yearly event. I should have known better. I really had nowhere to go. Last year I was gone 8 days and only paid for one hotel. I just could not pull that off this year and could not afford all the hotels I would have needed this year. I would have also had to close the store but I was prepared to do that no problem. But it was not to be. Several times I pulled out the pics of last years trip and looked that them. Always a little sadder after I scrolled thru them.

I was really excited to take the Powerfly this fall. I could of rode some amazing trails for sure. A 4000 foot day was a possibility. Maybe more. I guess I’ll never know, at least not this year. In a few weeks I will pack up the Powerfly and ship it out to a friend’s store out west for sale. Really, there is no market here for that bike. Then it will be all fat bike till spring. But I hope to get a few ride on the Powerfly before its gone. If it ever stops raining. Some good snow up north. The weirdos up in Hayward were skiing a little yesterday. I do plan on getting another ebike next spring. Unless I lose 50 pounds over the winter. Will look at the carbon frame next year.

Looking at the 10 day, it looks like winter will start next week. Friday nite lows in the teens. That could translate into a beach ride Saturday morn. At least a chance. Depends on the lake. With the water level way up its almost got to be glass smooth for us to have enough beach to ride. Conditions need to be near perfect. So thats hit or miss.

That’s about it for now. More later this week.



Friday Already


This week went quick. I walked on Mon\Tues morn. Then rode both Wed\Thurs and then walked again today. The pic was from this morn. The leaves are hanging on so long this year. The woods are awesome. Its helping me hang onto fall a bit longer.

So it was a big week of activity for me. And I ate like it too. Its seems I can’t do one without the other. 

Today I got my fat bike in. New bike day! The store gets new bikes in all the time but its different when its mine. After all this time I still get pumped for new bike day. 

Its mine!

My time on the ebike is getting short. Soon I will be on this fat bike and have to pedal it without help. Once again I’ll be the guy everyone waits for. This will be the lightest fat bike I will build to date. I specced every nut and bolt. I will start putting it together within the hour.

However I might just get one more trip in the Powerfly. Looking at heading back up to Marquette on the 17th\18th. One last ride on dirt before I pray for snow. Well, Im acually kinda praying already and it would be cool if there was some snow on the ground. But whatever. One last shot riding the assist on some cool trails. Then its on to fatbikes.

Tomorrow I’ll be on the morning group ride. I might even do the entire thing as I have some help in the store for the first few hours. Will see. Sunday I’ll leave open but pretty sure it will be MTB. That’s about it for me. Get outside and have a good weekend!