What a amazing Native American summer we are having. Temps near 70! Looking at the 10 day, soon it will be near or at normal. With highs in the upper 40’s soon. I say bring it because the snow is not that far behind (I hope).

Both Wednesday and Thursday I hit up the trails in the mornings. First our local city park, then today our local State trails. It’s really game on right now as the leaves are not quite peak here but falling. Soon gone.

Speaking of game on. Im again out of store tomorrow. Spending the day up in Door County looking at trees, hiking and riding bikes a bit. Also some shopping and eating. So this is the last post of the week. 

Todays ride was in the state trail system we call Greenbush. It’s a 15 mile or so drive from my house and thats kinda a bummer in the morning but I did get in a good hour of riding. MTB riding is quite a bit harder to do than say riding the cross bike on the road. In the woods you are forced to do short intense intervals and I sure felt it. Lots harder efforts than Im used to of late. I gatta say once again having a 50 tooth on my cassette is wonderful for a old fat guy. Now I can pedal up parts I had to walk before. Granted, you most likely can walk faster than Im pedaling but it keeps me on the bike and thats a good thing.

Right now Im running a 30 tooth oval front ring with the Sram Eagle. I call my 50 tooth  granny gear the “pie plate”. As in “what gear are you in”? I respond, “Im in the pie plate”.

I need a lot more time on the Farely before I head west. I am concerned about the altitude and the climbing. Im pretty sure I’ll be riding solo most of the time with the others waiting up at their convenience. And Im good with that. I just gotta do my own thing. If I let those things bother me too much I would never get out west to ride. As a good friend tells me… it is what it is.

Im only a few days from a week to go. And I got things to do like get some nicer tires on my car. I’ll have over 4k of miles in 10 days. Thats a lot of driving but thats OK. I like driving. I got satellite radio. I’ll get into some specifics of my route next week.

Right now I have to try and take advantage of this weather. Live in the now. Worry about next week sometime next week. So that means spending the day in Door County tomorrow and getting out on the bike all weekend.

Hope you get outside too. Have a good weekend.




Again, another great park visit today. Sunny and much warmer than yesterday. I for sure could have gone on a ride but I had a ton of work errands to do today before the store opened. But a little park time is always in order.


As usual, in fall the ships sail closer to the west shores of Lake Michigan. And then I see them more. There has been a bunch passing by but I never got to see them. Today is the first of the fall ships I spotted. The US Carson Calloway.


Watching the radar a ton of ships have passed but I was either working or sleeping.

As I mentioned yesterday Im selling Borealis fatbikes.

For several reasons. First off. They are nice bikes and fat bikes is all they do. Also, they are involved in events and community projects all across the country. I like that. They also have a online setup like Trek. Anyone local buys a bike online it gets shipped to me and I get the credit for the sale. They use their website to sell bikes for the local dealer. So they get it. And most importantly they are letting me stay in their guest house in a few weeks. (Just kidding). That’s a perk, not a reason. Like BMC, Im not going in too deep. Just like to get another bike with a different color on the floor.

Even tho its only Tuesday I hope to ride the next few mornings. So maybe no posts for awhile. If so rest assured Im getting some miles in both woods and road.




Sunny and Cold and News


Its a pretty awesome morning. 40 degrees and sunny. Amazing beach today.

Since Wednesday I ditched two perfectly good windows for riding only to ride in a cold wet rain Saturday morn. Both Thursday and Friday morns had warm dry weather and I could not get out of bed in time to ride. Even with the store opening an hour later. Not real sure what’s up with that. I think Im just sleeping like crap. Anyway, those days were a no ride for me and I paid for it Saturday forcing myself to ride in the rain. It was dry when I started by half way thru it got misty and then a steady drizzle. I was soaked when I got back to the store and pretty much knew I was paying for not riding the two days prior. Karma. But a ride is a ride.

Sunday I got up and got things ready to ride about 9am. And did not get out until 4pm. But I did have a football game to watch in between. Was a nice ride around my neighbourhood. Some places I have not been to in years. Just tooled around old hoods I used to play in as a kid. Wasn’t that far away as I live on the same plot of land I was born on.

Sunny this morn.

I rode past some of the creeks and fields I used to play in. Rolled past a spot I built a small track on for my motorcycle in my late teens. Its so grown over you can’t see anything but I bet if I looked I could still find some berms and jumps I built. I didn’t get off my bike but maybe someday I’ll look. It’s only a mile from where I live now.

Looking at the 10 day, no rain and 60’s for highs. I’ll take it. Will need to get some riding done in those days. No excuses.

So on to phase one of my news. Phase two later. In 13 days I will be leaving, bikes on roof, both MTB and cross,  for destinations west. Deep down inside I know this in not a for sure deal so Im playing it cool. 

This started out as a couple guys asking if I wanted to join them riding somewhere out west. Most likely Moab. I thought about it and blew it off as usual. But the more I thought the more I thought I should do it. Im not getting younger. So I looked at flights. I looked at dates. I looked into shipping my bike. I came to the conclusion I can’t pull it all off. This was over a month ago.

Then after some time I thought what the hell, I’ll drive. I’ll leave a few day before the others and meet them. Then….  I thought bigger. Maybe head straight west, drive thru Yellowstone, then head south. Then I thought if I do that I might as well stop in Durango or maybe Fruita to ride.

After two weeks of changing routes a million times I have a route set in stone. And for a strange reason. I’ll explain.

Ive been talking to Steve at Borealis about selling their bikes in store. After a few conversations Ive decided to do it. Maybe bringing two bikes on the floor. Those are on their way. Then after mentioning my trip west soon I asked if I could stop in and take a tour of their place in Colorado Springs. He said not only a tour, but I can stay at the company’s guest house and ride a couple days if I want. Well… I want.

So my first stop is Colorado Springs for maybe a day and a half. Then, second stop will be Durango,CO. I know few people there and can maybe wrangle a cheap place to stay or maybe a couch for free. So maybe two days riding there.

Then on to three days at the final destination of Moab. Meeting up with two or three others there. They have a condo that I can crash for free also. Then home.

Im leaving 6 days before we meet in Moab. Riding and driving around Colorado. The store is between summer and winter and I can have it covered pretty easy. So I have no excuses. I leave early Sunday morn, Oct 29th.

Again, disclaimer..  there are a few things on my personal side that could prevent this from happening. The most obvious is having enough disposable cash to pull it off. Im not sure how much it will cost. Depends on where I stay or dont stay. Anyway, route is set and now I can work on the little things….



Mid week Report


Yesterday I stopped at the park and saw this random flower someone left. Its plastic but still looked nice. Its nice to find stuff like this. Breaks up the monotony.

Had a ride planned this morn. Most likely a solo road ride. But again with the rain out. So I got rained out Friday, Saturday and Tuesday. I will try again tomorrow. For some dumb reason I put road tires back on my cross bike. I figured with all the rain the bike won’t se dirt for a few rides. And I was bored. And I timed myself. Two tires dismounted and two others remounted and inflated in 6 minutes. You know things are slow when you time yourself during the few chores you do have.

So, fat bike season is just starting up. I’ve sold 3 so far. I guess 4 if you count my EX from last year. In the next week i will sit down and figure out how many I want to put on my stocking order. Trek only has 4 hardtail models so its pretty easy to do. Couple sizes of each works for starters…

The store get more of a winter makeover today. Then we will be in about 80% winter mode. Getting it done earlier than other years is not a issue. The summer stuff has pretty much stopped.

The LRW (long ride wednesdays) will most likely die out. Even if it was dry out this morn Im not sure anyone else was showing. Which is fine. More than likely, I’ll put one ride on the road tires on the cross bike, then switch them back to the 40’s. From now on its mostly dirt anyway, unless, like right now, its too wet. The cross bike on road.

That’s about all I have for the mid week report. I hope to get out on the bike in the morning. I hope to get out on the bike most mornings.